Jonathan has a very unique story - he was born August 28, 2005 with a club foot on his left side. After several surgeries, many cast changes, and intense therapy, he took his first steps at 17 months old. By age 2 he was singing bluegrass music with Driving Rain. By age 6 he recorded his first bluegrass CD and was a guest of the Moron Brothers at many festivals in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. His greatest moment in bluegrass came in June 2014 when he was a guest on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Show. Later that month he saw John Beardsley's show "A Tribute To The King" at the Texas Troubadour Theater. From that moment on, from bluegrass to rock-n-roll became a reality.


     Jonathan has performed at the Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, The Nashville Night Life Theater, The Texas Troubadour Theater in Nashville, Tennessee and the Rock and Roll Cafe' in Memphis, Tennessee. His second CD is a tribute to Elvis Presley with 9 of his favorite songs. He worked very hard on the project with some of the best musicians in Nashville. Jonathan is very talented and quite the showman. We're sure that you will see and hear the talent, drive and dedication on the CD's, and we hope to see you at the live shows.